The Argynnis Group acquired the The concern further strengthens its “Heating and Drying Group”.

The Argynnis Group acquired the Swedish company Suntech Group, further strengthening its Heating and Drying Group business unit.

Argynnis Group AB, formerly Binar AB, develops niche companies with unique technologies and products for professional customers. The business is divided into the business units Standby Group, Binar Handling, Binar Industrial Solutions and Heating & Drying Group. The Group has just over 300 employees, operating in Sweden, Germany, France, Finland, China and the USA.

Suntech Group builds specially developed solar simulators, both for industrial use and for recreation and wellness. The company has over 30 years of experience in developing unique technology to recreate the entire spectrum of the sun. Staying in a “solar room”, with light, warmth and an inviting environment, is relaxing and provides increased well-being and new energy. Industrial solar simulators are used, among other things, in the automotive industry to test how different systems and materials are affected by sunlight, everything from sunsets to desert-like conditions.

In addition to the Vänersborg company Ircon, the Heating & Drying Group also includes the French company Solaronics, which was acquired in 2018. The companies are currently primarily active in developing and delivering equipment for IR drying in the paper and metal industry and for certain specific industrial processes. 

“I am very pleased to now be able to welcome Suntech into our business unit,” said Yannick Lescanne, Executive Officer of Argynnis Heating & Drying Group.

“This acquisition strengthens our vision to broaden ourselves and is in perfect line with our growth ambition based on mastering new technology in our business area. By combining Suntech’s unique solution for simulating sunlight with the existing and competent technical and commercial expertise in Heating & Drying, we look forward to further developing this market. ”

“Suntech adds interesting knowledge for our group – we are convinced that our combined competence and experience will mean good expansion opportunities for Suntech’s products,” says Magnus Nilsson, CEO of Ircon.

“We have been intensively looking for a suitable new owner for Suntech. When you have been involved for a long time and built up the company, you make sure that it ends up in the right hands. I now feel that we have succeeded in this, ”says Inge Lojander, former owner and CEO of Suntech.

“We are expanding our industry group with another company with interesting and innovative products. The company also has a strong export market and fits well into the Heating and Drying Group, ”says Leif Gustavsson, Deputy CEO of Argynnis Group AB. For further information, please contact: Leif Gustavsson, Deputy CEO, Argynnis Group AB, tel +46 (0) 702 63 01 58