Sunwell expands in Canadian elderly care

The concept of sunlight therapy with Swedish Sunwell solar simulator became a great success in hundreds of municipal and private nursing homes both in Sweden and abroad. In Canada, which also suffers of lack of sunlight during long dark winters the artificial sun is appreciated by the elderly and staff.

Sunwell has cooperation with more than thirty retirement homes across Canada. Our newest customer is Le Groupe Patrimoine – a company that has specialized in the management of retirement homes since 1996 ( ). The first project was a solar system for the residence Le Jules Verne in Quebec, installed in 2019 in the spa area in cooperation with company Constrobourg (

Constrobourg, a construction contractor located in Quebec, acts as project managers to help clients build their projects. In the project at residence Le Jules Verne, Constrobourg was involved also as investor.  A solar system was requested by Groupe Patrimoine, without knowing what type or model of sunlight unit to buy. Cristobal Romero, project manager at Controbourg says:

– I started searching all over the internet for such product. Eventually, I found solar units installed in another retirement house in Montreal. The local manager informed me about the brand, and thereafter I contacted Sunwell in Sweden. They helped med to decide a suitable solution for the retirement home which I presented to Groupe Patrimoine. The Sunwell solar system was approved by Groupe Patrimoine for the spa area at the residence Le Jules Verne and thanks to compliance with Canadian regulation it could be installed directly.

Two years later in summer 2021, Groupe Patrimoine’s opened their newest residence Le Marc-Aurèle in Lebourgneuf, Quebec. The company decided to invest again in a solar system from Sunwell for the spa area, in cooperation with Constrobourg.

Le Groupe Patrimoine offers pensioners a courteous and attentive service as well as a safe and quality living environment. All homes are designed so that our residents feel at home, without any responsibility for their maintenance. A place where it is good to live and where the residentials have the choice to get involved in the decisions about their new living environment. Common areas and activities give opportunity to a perfect social network and just enjoy life! In the spa area with pool and sun solar simulator, the pensioners can enjoy a Sunwell sunlight therapy with all health benefits for both body and soul and gain extra energy.

Sunlight therapy has both a calming and stimulating effect. Many seniors carry grief when they have lost loved ones. In a nice sunroom they can relax, which makes it easier to talk, think and ventilate all worries and other emotions. Elderly people with dementia are easier to activate och calm down with help of soothing warm sunlight. In some nursing homes, the relaxing effect of sun therapy has meant, among other things, reduced consumption of sedatives.

Many residents are discovering that sunbathing not only increases the well-being of the elderly, but also creates a better environment for staff. There are also studies that show reduced sick leave among employees thanks to the health-promoting sunlight from Sunwell.