Now can even the elderly and staff at Fässbergshemmet enjoy the sun and heat

Thanks to cooperation with the Health and Care Administration in the city of Mölndal, even the elderly and staff at Fässbergshemmet can now enjoy sun and heat from the Sunwell solar simulator. Within a few days, an office has been transformed into a tropical paradise with a sandy beach, sparkling sea and warming sun.

The nursing home moved out all the office furniture and cabinets and prepared the room with e.g. the painting of the ceiling and walls in sky blue color that harmonizes with the environment.

A large background wall with a round corner behind the sandy beach covers two walls and creates a nice panoramic feeling.

New floor with wheelchair ramp to the beach makes it possible for everyone in the nursong home to be able to drill their toes in the sun-warmed sand.

Bamboo wall next to the sandy beach creates an authentic tropical feel.

Bar with pergola above, tastefully decorated with vines and lighting can serve refreshment and offer shadow, if you feel for a little less intense sun experience.