Nolhaga Bath in Alingsås combines spa and sun

Thanks to cooperation with the Culture and Education Administration in Alingsås, the public can soon enjoy sun and heat from the Sunwell solar simulator at Nolhaga Parkbad. A small treatment room in the relaxation area „Lugnet“ has been transformed into a tropical paradise with a sandy beach, sparkling sea and warming sun.

Kitchen cabinets were moved out to give space for a large backdrop with a tropical sandy beach that covers two walls and creates a nice panoramic feeling.

The solar panel was mounted right at the entrance and shines against the background wall which reflects the light and enhances the feeling of being on a sunny tropical holiday.

The sunroom will be included in the entrance fee to the relaxation area Lugnet and will increase the attractiveness and range of activities for spa guests. It will also be possible to book the sun room separately.