Save both sunlight and summer memories

Do you think it will be nice to get back into the routine, now that everyday life is taking over, or did the holiday weeks run away way too fast? What is it that most of us miss most from summer during our darker seasons? The most common answer is without a doubt „The light and the heat!“ We are many who save summer memories to enjoy when autumn comes. A bottle of sand from the favorite beach or nice shells that will make the summer feeling stay a little longer. There may not have been as many saved brochures from tourist destinations that have never been visited in the Corona pandemic tracks, but many have spent vacation at home. Fortunately, summer came back, after a chilly July, and both August and Septmber offered glorious sunshine and tropical temperatures.

It is more difficult to save on the light and the warming rays from the sun… The light is incredibly important for our health. So in addition to picking out our saved summer memories, it is important to refill with sunlight, relax and refuel for the coming season as well. Research shows that sunlight plays an important role in our well-being. Moderate exposure to the sun even reduces the risk of dying prematurely. This emerges from a Swedish study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine. The study shows that women who do not sunbathe at all have a doubled risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Read more here>.