Swedish sun shines brightly in the German Hawaii paradise

For several years, Ernst-Friedrich Baumer had a dream of using energy from sunbeams and selling to customers who want to sunbathe or need sunlight for therapeutic reasons. The idea became a reality and after nine years of renovation, Herr Baumer is the first in Germany to offer a large-scale sun therapy in a former agricultural property in Nutzwedel outside Hamburg. The culturally listed 130-year-old barn has been completely renovated and equipped with modern technology, among others. a solar cells on the roof that supplies power to the entire sunlight therapy business at Nutzwedel Resort. Sunwell has delivered a total of 8 solar systems of both Hexagon and Triple models as part of Nutzwedel’s own SUNFIDELITY® system, which will create a true-to-life solar environment where all the senses are activated (www.nutzwedel.de).

For Sunwell, the project started in early 2020. First, a Hexagon sun was installed in the restaurant and bar area. The idea was to test all the features and shape ideas for the continuation of the solar project, which would be a large Maui room, next to the restaurant. After many digital meetings and conversations in the midst of a burning pandemic, a special solution was finally created with seven more solar systems which were installed and put into operation during the summer of 2021. The first solar system is now used as a teaser for hotel guests and other visitors, where they can enjoy a simple meal or have coffee and at the same time try sun therapy, before it’s time to step into the real tropical paradise.

The 400 m2 barn offers an unforgettable experience, where visitors step straight into the tropical paradise of Maui on Hawaii. Sunwell’s seven solar systems are mounted in carefully selected positions in the room to create optimal sun surfaces for both sun therapy and other possible activities in the sun. All solar systems can be flexibly controlled individually with several specific programs that simulate different diurnal changes from early dawn, strong daylight to subdued evening sun and sunset.

All the walls of the “sun-barn” are hand-painted with photorealistic panoramic images from the island that Mr Baumer visited with his wife and fell in love with. The floor is covered with a special durable fabric mat that imitates sand. To be able to offer a real holiday feeling, there is also an advanced ventilation system, which in addition to air temperature also controls humidity and adds authentic scents. There is a high-quality sound system for both optional music and authentic background sounds as well as tasteful furnishings with plants, baskets, chairs, tables and more. All together complement the whole environment and creates the illusion of being in Hawaii for real.

In October 2021, Nutzwedel Resort had Grand Opening of SUNFIDELITY® for the public and it markets itself to anyone who seeks joy and relaxation, fights against burnout, stress, skin diseases or wants to slow down the onset of dementia. In addition to the sun therapy in Maui sun-barn and the first-class restaurant, Nutzwedel offers several fresh conference rooms for meetings, seminars and similar. A brand new conference hotel next to the barn will also open soon. As the next stage, a new construction of a sports center with various activities such as boules, archery, art course and mini golf is planned.