Light therapy with simulated sun against SAD in “Greek” Hallstavik

Bergby Gård is beautifully situated by the Väddö canal, about 6 km south of Grisslehamn. There is a beach with jetties, a large outdoor area, and two 18-hole golf courses within 1o km. In collaboration with Hallstaviks Golf club, you can book a golf package where you combine a pleasant stay at Bergbygård with a round of golf.

Jeanetthe Tamp, who runs Bergby Gård, got the idea for a sunroom already ten years ago, when she and a good friend read about light therapy. The project matured and eventually became a reality with a unique environment – the only one of its kind in Sweden. On November 6, 2021, a Greek-inspired sunroom with solar system for light therapy was inaugurated, where in addition to a real holiday feeling, you can both refuel with vitamin D and counteract SAD.

When Jeanetthe contacted Sunwell earlier this year, the first idea was a tropical environment in their party room of 90 m2 where one half was intended as a sandy beach with sun therapy and the rest as a wooden deck with bar and serving.

During the spring, another idea emerged: to create a sandy beach with sun loungers in the middle of the room that you could step on from the entire room. Sunwell then installed two solar systems Triple in a row that illuminate the entire beach surface and offer effective light therapy with simulated sunlight to about 10 people at the same time.

– We wanted it to be something extra, says owner Jeanetthe Tamp. We have looked at other sunrooms and saw the potential to offer sunlight therapy in a different environment where golf could also be part of the concept. We have chosen as backdrops the traditional Greek white houses with blue details, pergola, vines and plants that create an authentic Greek environment. Here, visitors can both relax in a sun lounger with sand between toes and then improve their putting skills on Berby’s putting green right next to the beach.

We have received a very good response. The interest is great and the municipality’s company in the tourism industry has already booked a conference in the sun in December. The guests who have been to the facility so far think it is absolutely fantastic with both the sun and the surroundings. And everyone agrees that this must be experienced to understand how wonderfully beautiful it is.

According to Jeanetthe, there is also a bit of skepticism among some people who think Bergby Gård has built a large solarium.

Sunwell solar simulator creates light comparable to outdoor sunlight, with the advantage that UV rays are filtered to low harmless levels, far below the limit values ​​for tanning beds. Thanks to the simulation of the sun’s entire light spectrum with bright light up to 25,000 lux, infrared heat and controlled low UV, sunlight therapy has several positive health effects such as effective light therapy against SAD, pain relief, relaxation and strengthened immune system thanks to the stimulation of vitamin D production in the skin. All this together with a pleasant environment where all the senses are stimulated provides energy and much-needed breaks in everyday life.

Sunlight is extra important during the ongoing pandemic. Several news about the connection between lack of vitamin D and the risk of severe illness in Covid have been published. Our sunrooms and solar systems have been used for increased health and well-being for almost 20 years and there are documented positive results from several research studies, both in Sweden and abroad.