Attendo continues its sun journey in Gothenburg

Both in Sweden and abroad, the Sunwell concept with light therapy in sunrooms is used successfully in hundreds of municipal and private nursing homes to promote health and well-being. The latest addition is the new and modern nursing home Attendo Lundby Park in Hisingen, Gothenburg, located in the SoHå district, with socially sustainable neighborhood and mix of different forms of housing. The nursing home is so-called Lifestyle Care Home with a focus on Sports & Spa and Culture & Entertainment and is expected to be ready in the first half of 2022 with 99 new apartments.

Attendo writes on its website:

– To be active and have time to devote to one’s interests in company with others is for many an important part of life. We want the elderly to be able to preserve their lifestyle for as long as possible, even when moving into a nursing home. Therefore, we offer nursing homes with the following specializations: Sports & Spa, Outdoor & Garden and Culture & Entertainment. With us, you should be able to engage in what you yourself are interested in together with others who may have similar interests.

Sunwell has an established collaboration for lifestyle care homes “Culture & entertainment, with a focus on all forms of cultural experiences. Cultural experiences have a positive impact on many people’s health and quality of life, create meaning, train the senses, entertain and stimulate community – as well as sun therapy from Sunwell does.

Sunrooms from Sunwell installed at Attendo’s care homes in recent years were usually furnished with a Swedish summer environment. Also at Lundby Park, it has been decided to decorate the sunroom with a Swedish coast as a theme. The room also has a lovely sandy beach with a wheelchair ramp so that even disabled seniors can gain access.

The coastal theme is appreciated by many elderly people with dementia and those who may never have been abroad on an exotic holiday. All scenery in coastal sunrooms is built as an authentic environment with i.a. with a nice Swedish archipelago, scenery of red sheds, solid wooden houses, piles, wooden bridges, ropes, etc. creates a holistic experience. All colors, scents, sounds and sand between the toes feel familiar, stimulate the memory and create a pleasant safe feeling.

Sunlight therapy has both a calming and stimulating effect and fulfills an important social function. Regular stay in a sunroom means great benefits both in the form of happy, healthy seniors with lower care needs and, for example, in reduced costs for sleeping pills and sedatives. In a nice sunroom, the elderly can meet, relax, ventilate different emotions and leave everyday life for a while. Older people with dementia become easier to activate in a nice warm authentic solar environment where they can relate to their youth or a previous holiday trip.

Many residents are discovering that sunbathing not only increases the well-being of the elderly, but also creates a better environment for staff. There are also studies that show reduced sick leave among employees thanks to the health-promoting sunlight from Sunwell.