The sun always shines on the rather unusual island

A rather unusual island, thirty meters from the mainland. Marholmen Hotell & Konferens is an archipelago in Roslagen for recreation, inspiration & meetings. One hour from Stockholm, Uppsala & Arlanda, but light years from the norm. Marholmen is aimed for both conference and leisure guests to experience Roslagen’s beautiful archipelago. The facility offers, among other things, several exclusive villas, a newly built hotel, 40 newly renovated cottages, Glamping island, fresh conference rooms, spa department “Mareld” and a wide range of different activities – now also sun rooms with light therapy from Sunwell.

When Anders Hallin, CEO of Marholmen, contacted Sunwell in the autumn of 2020, there were thoughts of supplementing the range of activities in Mareld Spa with something different that would stand out among competitors. The choice fell on a sunroom with light therapy, what Sunwell calls sun therapy or sunlight therapy. The future sunroom would be built in a gym of about 40 m2, right next to the spa area. The room was not used very much as it did not really fit in with the rest of the spa offer.

After several discussions and visit of other sunrooms, Marholmen decided on a larger solar system, model Hexagon 7. The sun hangs high up in the ceiling and with its flexible adjustable reflectors illuminates a large area of ​​over 20 sqm where up to 10 people can sit and experience the sunlight therapy. The wall with large panoramic windows and beautiful views of piers and the bay is a part of the interior. Since Marholmen is located in the Roslagen archipelago, the Swedish / Roslagen coastal environment felt like a natural concept choice.

– We wanted to develop our spa department with something new and innovative, says Anders Hallin. Corona pandemic delayed the whole project but now we are ready to receive guests and offer health, wellness, light, warmth and an exciting activity. The sunroom has not really been completed, so we have only secretly launched it. We are in the process of completing the final decoration in the sunroom and plan to be completely ready just in time for Christmas and the darkest time of the year. In addition to a real holiday feeling in the Swedish archipelago in the middle of summer, we want to offer our guests all the health effects that sun therapy entails: everything from a strengthened immune system with vitamin D to counteracting winter depression. Sun therapy can also be a great part of a conference package or why not a honeymoon?

Sunwell solar simulator is a unique invention that simulates light comparable to sunlight outdoors, with the advantage that UV rays are filtered to low harmless levels, far below the limit values ​​for tanning beds. Thanks to the simulation of the sun’s entire light spectrum with strong light up to 30,000 lux, infrared heat and controlled low UV, sunlight therapy has several positive health effects. Can mention, among other things, effective light therapy against winter depression, pain relief and relaxation as well as strengthened immune system thanks to the stimulation of vitamin D production in the skin. All this together with a pleasant environment where all the senses are stimulated provides energy and much-needed breaks in everyday life.

Sunlight is extra important during the ongoing pandemic. Several news about the connection between vitamin D and the risk of severe illness in Covid have been published. Our sunrooms and solar systems have been used for increased health and well-being for almost 20 years and there are documented positive results from several research studies, both in Sweden and abroad.