The first sunroom in 2022 was installed in Skåne

Sunwell was contacted by Eva Mårtensson Karlsson, development manager for welfare technology in special housing for the elderly in Lund.

Lund is one of the model municipalities for strengthening digitalisation in health and care. The representative and overall development manager for the care and welfare administration received tips from another model municipality about sun rooms and sun therapy. Elin Nilsson, a dementia nurse from the Dementia Team in Lund, was the driving force behind the project, planning the sunroom at Linegården’s nursing home in Lund.


A basement storage became a wonderful coastal environment with soft sandy beach and boathouses that offer a holiday experience on the Swedish coast. Solar system Triple with blue solar panel blends easily into the surroundings.

Soon, the elderly and staff will enjoy effective sun therapy. Unlike light therapy, Sunwell solar simulator creates natural warm sunlight that combines strong light up to 25,000 lux, infrared heat and controlled low, healthy UV light in a single product.

Many residents are discovering that sunbathing not only increases the well-being of the elderly, but also creates a better environment for staff. There are also studies that show reduced sick leave among employees thanks to the health-promoting sunlight from Sunwell.