Experts in sunlight

Sunwell solar simulator is a unique Swedish invention and was first in the world with the technology to simulate light comparable to sunlight, with the exception of reduced UV content. Sunwell solar simulator recreates the sun’s entire light spectrum:

  • controlled low levels of UVB- and UVA-radiation (ultraviolet light) for e.g. a stimulation of vitamin D and other positive health effects
  • visible light up to 30,000 lux for effective light therapy
  • shortwave IR-radiation (infrared light) for comfortable heat all the way into the body

Sunwell solar simulators are therefore very effective for both light therapy and heat treatment.

Sunwell products are tested by the Swedish Testing and Research Institute  (RISE), and ensure that the weighted radiation exposure is below the limits of 30 J/m2 per solar sun bath. Thus, Sunwell solar simulators can offer solar therapy to the public, without the requirement for a permit from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority in accordance with regulations for artificial solar systems, summarized in SSMFS 2012: 5.

With the background from the automotive industry where the Suntech technology has been developed for testing the heat/light resistance of various materials and systems, we have extensive experience of following strict rules and laws and can thus guarantee a well-proven, tested and quality-assured product.

In the development of the Suntech solar simulators, we worked closely with Professor Torbjörn Laike at the Department of Environmental Psychology at Lund University. He has done research on the impact of light on humans and published several dissertations.

In 2003, a scientific study, “Artificial environmental impact on mood”, was conducted in the Sunwell solar environment with 67 people from the medical staff at Norra Älvsborgs Lasarett, in Trollhättan. The result was unequivocally positive, and the conclusion was that a short stay in the Sunwell environment relieves the negative effects of stress, burnout and SAD.

Researchers from the R&D center Fyrbodal and Vänersborg municipality have investigated the importance of using the solar rooms in 2014-2015. The results are now presented in a research report:

Research report – Sun therapy rooms in old people’s homes

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