Suntech Group AB

Suntech Group AB’s main business area used to be the development and production of solar simulators for climate wind tunnels used in car factories. Sunwell business, as it is today, started with a phone call on a rainy day, when the operators of such a climate tunnel in a car factory asked if it was safe to take the coffee break in the artificial sunlight. The idea of an indoor solar environment was born.

The idea was turned into reality in the early 2000s when the founder of the company watched a broadcasted lotto programme and heard nearly all winners express a longing for a trip to the sun. This in connection with the phone call from the car factory lay the foundation for today’s solar rooms. A tropical setting, with recorded sounds of waves and local music, together with other props such as sand, palm trees, sunbeds, a bar etc formed the very first showroom.

Interview with Suntech founder and how he came up with the idea of “bringing Mauritius to Sweden”. Article in Scan Magazine här>

Initially, the artificial tropical environment was intended primarily for the event industry, but the environment proved to be ideal for people with fatigue syndrome and joint pain. The first facility was purchased in 2003 by the municipality of Vänersborg for the service house Solängen, where both pensioners and staff can enjoy the Mauritian solar room even today.

Take a part of a research report produced by the R&D center Fyrbodal in collaboration with the municipality of Vänersborg and Solängen here:

Research report – Sun therapy rooms in old peoples homes

Today, Sunwell solar installations are found in hundreds of nursing homes, hotels, spa departments, bathhouses, etc. all over the world.

Argynnis Group

In September 2019, Suntech Group AB was acquired by Argynnis Group, formerly Binar, a group that develops niche companies with unique technologies and products for professional customers. In addition to the Vänersborg company Ircon Drying Systems AB, the Heating & Drying Group division also includes the French company Solaronics SA. In January 2020, Suntech became an integral part of Ircon Drying Systems AB and is since then operated as a separate business area.

In September 2020, a new brand was launched, Sunwell, focusing on products for well-being. The Suntech brand remains for industrial applications. For more info visit Ircon-Solaronic’s website here>

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