Area of use

Spa and wellness

A sun room is a great complement for enterprices with a focus on health, wellness and amusement: hotels, wellness centers, spa and relaxation areas, massage and yoga studios, conference facilities etc.

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Bath and exercise

Brilliant sun and swimming is a perfect combination by pools or in the relaxation area at sports and bathing houses and in water parks.

Sunroom also facilitates exercise, like the increasingly popular sun yoga.

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Elderly care

Sunwell has installed sun rooms in hundreds of municipal and private nursing homes. Sunlight has a very positive impact on both the elderly and staff.

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At work and private use

Sun systems can be installed in companies and offices for staff wellness, or privately in home spas or conservatories.

Companies that offer extra benefits to their employees become more attractive employers. Sun rooms as wellness increase productivity and commitment and can contribute to reduced sick leave.

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Medical sector

The healing sun’s warming and relaxing effect can facilitate therapy and treatments for patients at ex clinics and hospitals.

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Other areas

Sunwell sun systems fit in many places and in most environments: offshore, mines, restaurants, waiting rooms, lounges, cruise ships – it is only the imagination that sets the limit.

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What does Sunwell do

Do you want to know more about the health effects of light therapy with a sun simulator or see inspirational pictures?

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