At work and private use

Employee benefits such as sun therapy at work are not only the key to prosperous employees, but also play an important role in being attractive as an employer. Investment in personnel health is an important part of the company’s profitability.

For a tired staff, a momentary recovery with Sunwell sun simulator leads to reduced sick leave, increased productivity and loyalty.

Sunwell sunroom can be installed in conjunction with a company gym, lighting up a canteen or a coffee room. One of Sunwell customers decided to furnish a solar room for the staff, read more here>

Sunwell solar systems can also be installed in a conference room. You offer your customers a wonderful and holiday-focused moment that is guaranteed to etch itself in the memory and create added value and profitability.

Sunwell’s first solar room Mauritius was installed at the nursing home Solängen in Vänersborg as a part of a wellness project for the staff, where several measures were included. From the evaluation of the project, it can be deduced that sun therapy was one of the most appreciated activities. For a period of two years, the municipality succeeded in reducing sick leave among the 46 employees by 25 percent.

Sunbathe safely and recharge your batteries all year round, at any time and in any weather. It sounds almost too good to be true, but Sunwell sunroom can be a holiday oasis at home where you can dream away. It can be the new way for family, friends, colleagues to socialize and get new energy from the sun’s warming and healthy rays.

In the wake of pandemics and climate change, future developments regarding travel are uncertain and more and more people are choosing to stay on vacation at home – staycation. Sunwell sun simulator is a climate-smart alternative that can become a perfect complement to home spa, indoor pools, hot tub, glazed balconies and conservatories.

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