Medical sector

Sunwell sunrooms are installed in both the public and private sectors, among others:

  • rehabilitation in assisted living facilities
  • relaxation and recovery at daily centers
  • treatment and therapy in clinics

Sun therapy is offered to patients, among others at the Sosny sanatorium in Belarus and

at Clinical Hospital Lapino “Mother and Child” in Moscow region.

We see a great potential for sun therapy and its healing power, among other at:

  • health centers and hospitals for both patients and staff
  • in palliative care for patients who want to spend their last time in an authentic, warm and comfortable environment
  • psychologist, counsellor and therapy clinics
  • as options for rehab pools for rheumatic patients
  • skin clinics for patients with psoriasis and other skin diseases etc.

The calming effect of sun therapy is also used by children with concentration difficulties, see more here> (in Swedish)