Other areas

Sunwell solar systems fit in many places and in most environments. It is discreet when not in use and can easily blend into the environment of a workplace or public facilities.

Solar panels are available in several models and can be built in different sizes, shapes and colors.

We light up common facilities at housing associations, where a sun room for wellness and relaxation makes the association attractive for new residents.

We are located at universities so that mainly foreign students and staff can endure the sun-poor Scandinavian winter. University West in Trollhättan offers students and employees possibility to sit down with a cup of coffee or just hang out in a Sunwell sunny environment.

The customer can enjoy a meal or coffee at a restaurant, cafeteria or orangery under the warming rays of the Sunwell solar system. In a unique and relaxing spa environment wit real sunlight from artificial sun, among palm trees and citrus trees, makes both body and soul  relaxed.

Our customer Centralbadet in Stockholm offers light therapy during the winter, either in the orangery or for bathers outdoors in connection with the restaurant area.

One of our abroad customers, Nutzwedel in Germany, has installed a large Hexagon solar panel in his restaurant / orangery next to a themed bar from Hawaii, that lights down on guests, while they enjoy an exclusive meal from the restaurant’s first-class kitchen.

We offer attractive business opportunities with sun therapy at:

  • Ski hotel as an alternative to afterski
  • Cruise ship
  • Airport lounges
  • Shopping malls
  • Zoos

We see an excellent opportunity to increase the well-being and health of staff in sun-poor workplaces such as oil platforms, offshore and mines.

The possibilities are endless. Come up with your proposal and we will solve it!

Some municipalities have invested in daily centers for the elderly and people with functional variations. Two of these are Mötesplats Tumba in Botkyrka municipality and Mötesplats Fyren in Luleå. See more here (in Swedish)>

Some of our customers: