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A Sunwell solar room is a great complement for businesses with a focus on spa, wellness and health that want to offer that “little extra” and stand out among competitors. Sun therapy can be included in the day spa, be part of an overnight package at the hotel’s relax or offered as an extra activity for conference guests.

Sun therapy can also be an alternative to afterski at hotels and ski resorts.

The possibilities with the Sunwell sun rooms are endless:

  • beach party in November
  • company party in December
  • honeymoon in January
  • family celebration in February

… or just a different experience at any time.

With a Sunwell solar environment, you can offer a wonderful alternative to a  sunny holiday all year round and long-awaited break from everyday life. Our customer Nutzwedel in Germany has built an authentic environment from the island of Maui in Hawaii, where totally  7 solar systems create a wonderful and sunny tropical environment.

The infrared light in the Sunwell solar system with its warming and relaxing effect increases the stretchability of muscles and joints. It facilitates for treatments e.g. massage, which becomes a very pleasant experience.

The customer can either first enjoy the light and heat in the Sunwell sun room and then get a massage in a treatment room, or experience the wonderful feeling when the sun’s rays warm the body, while the customer gets a massage – on the beach.

More and more  wellness companies include sun therapy in their range of treatments to increase atractivity for new customers

Our references that are open to the public:

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“- It reminds of feeling of sun, swimming and summer. It’s warm and nice. It was really relaxing!”

Staffan Nilsson, Axtorp Sunhouse

“- So warm and wonderful, and it helped my rheumatic joints! Will definitely be back.”

L. Krieg, Kusten Hammarö

“- We work intensively as self-employed and a break is always appreciated! The first day consisted of meetings in all its forms and the evening was self-time in the SPA department. The sunroom was a given favorite! A glass of wine and sun !!!”

Visitor in SPA area after kick-off, Nösund Havshotell

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Sunwell has supplied solar systems and sun rooms to countries such as Norway, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Belarus and Russia.