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Sunwell solar systems fit in many places and in most environments. It is discrete when not in use and can easily blend into the environment of a workplace or public environment. You can offer your customers and employees a wonderful and holiday-focused moment, which is guaranteed to etch itself in the memory and create added value and profitability.

  • We are located in both the public and private sectors, including rehabilitation in supported housing, relatives’ centers and private clinics.
  • We light up common facilities at housing associations and condos, where a solarium for wellness and relaxation gives the association an attractive added value.
  • We are located at universities for foreign students and staff, to facilitate their stay in the Scandinavian climate. University West in Trollhättan offers students and staff to sit down with a cup of coffee or just hang out in a Sunwell solar environment. Here are students from different parts of the world and for those who have not experienced our sun-poor winter months before, the light may be extra nice.

We see a possible need for sun therapy and its healing power in health centers, hospitals, in palliative care, psychologist and psychiatric clinics and rehab for rheumatologists.

Ski hotels, cruise ships, airport lounges, oil platforms, mines, zoos, nature rooms, shopping malls, saunas, restrooms, conservatories, cafés or cruise ships …. possibilities are endless.

Come up with your proposal and we will solve it!

Some municipalities have invested in meeting places for the elderly and people with functional variations. Two of these are Mötesplats Tumba in Botkyrka municipality and Mötesplats Fyren in Luleå. See more here (Swedish)>

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