Wellness at work

More energy and vigour, more joy. The sun is not only beautiful, many research results indicate that humans need a certain amount of sunlight to stay healthy. A brief recovery in a Sunwell solar simulator can prove effective in terms of reduced sick-leave and increased productivity. Employee benefits such as solar simulators and wellness are not only the key to healthy employees, they increase the attraction as an employer.


Sunwell solar rooms can be installed in conjunction with a company gym, lighting up a canteen or a coffee room. One of the Sunwell customers decided to furnish a solar room for the staff, read more here>

Sunwell solar systems can also be included in conference rooms. You can offer your customers a wonderful and holiday-like moment, which will live on in their minds and create added value and profitability to your business.

Sunwell has installed solar rooms in hundreds of nursing homes, activity houses, daily activities centres, short-term housing, etc. The solar rooms have a positive mood effect on the care recipients and the staff get more energy for care and commitment.

Sunwell’s first solar room Mauritius was installed at the nursing home Solängen in Vänersborg as a part of a wellness project for the staff, where a number of measures were included. From the evaluation of the project, it can be deduced that sun therapy and massage were the most appreciated activities. For a period of two years, the municipality succeeded in reducing sick leave among the 46 employees by 25 percent.

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