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Allways sunny weather in Estonian Toila


Toila Spa Hotell, Estonia


Wellness and health / hotel and conference

SUnbath area for wellness guests

About company

Toila Spa Hotel is located on a high seashore in eastern Estonia, close to the famous Toila-Oru Park.
In addition to hotel rooms for up to 280 guests, the resort offers a wide range of different packages, saunas, medical and spa treatments, restaurants and several meeting and conference rooms.

The Estonian Spa Association has granted Toila Spa a 3-star medical spa status with a full license to provide medical care and a variety of rehabilitation and treatment services.
There is a large sauna center Toila Termid with various saunas and an exclusive sauna complex Wellness-Center Orhidee for adults in a tropical conservatory, where visitors can relax in steam, honey, Japanese and Finnish saunas, massage pool and rest areas with drinks and fruit.


The wellness part is the star attraction for people who want to take a “time-out” from everyday hassles. The health-enhancing and relaxing sunlight therapy was a natural step in developing the health area at Toila Spa. In 2014, Wellness-Center Orhidee decided to invest in a solar area for visitors.

Sunwell delivered a round-shaped solar simulator of model Hexagon 7 which hangs high in the ceiling and creates a pleasant solar environment of approx. 20m2. The sun surface is divided into two levels: a larger area near the panoramic wall and a smaller one on the upper floor.


The solar area is included in the entrance fee. Four times a day the solar system is turn on, and visitors gather immediately to enjoy the warming rays of the sun and to recharge their batteries during the gloomy winter period. Sunlight therapy is a very popular activity among visitors, who are either lying in comfortable sunbeds in front of the panoramic glass wall or sitting upstairs with a even greater view.

Toila Spa has introduced certain restrictions regarding the age of visitors and the number of guests who may enter the health center at the same time. In this way, customers are offered both a relaxing environment and a safe stay, which is especially important now during the global pandemic that put a stop to people to be able to relax as they have been used to so far.

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