Project Description

Conference and wellness on the Beach in Västerås

Customer Wellness Spa Västerås


Branch Spa and relax / Wellness / Conference

Assignment Sun corner as a complement to other activities

About company

Wellness SPA is a small family business with big visions that offers a variety of spa treatments. The spa may look unassuming on the outside, located in an industrial area, but the inside has the more to offer with its two floors, sandy beach, treatment room, yoga room and relaxation area with sauna, infrared sauna and whirlpool. The harsh rooms are covered with fabrics from floor to ceiling to create a cozy feeling where guests should feel welcome and relaxed.


In 2016, the company expanded its operations with a beautiful tropical beach corner – Wellness Beach – which is now also a landmark. Sunwell has delivered 2 triple solar simulators, a large background wall with a tropical motif and tons of soft sand. Customers can experience wonderful sun therapy on the beach in 28 degree heat all year round. The beach can be rented by the hour or for longer periods. Here, for example, is a projector that enables conferences in the sand.


Wellness Spa often arranges conferences / team meetings / kickoff / meetings on an indoor beach for small and large groups of up to 20 people, with companies from e.g. Västerås, Eskilstuna, Enköping, Stockholm and Mälardalen. Since the company invested in the solarium, sales have increased by 50% in 3 years, much thanks to corporate customers. Having a conference / meeting / kick-off in a wonderful environment is a great way to experience the day and companies are guaranteed happier and more inspiring staff after this experience. Participants can choose to start with 1 hour of tropical light and then choose to have the conference in the evening sun or start with evening sun and then end with tropical light before returning home. It is also possible to combine the day with treatments or perhaps add a stay in the pool & relaxation area.

Wellness Spa also offers tailor-made packages for eg bachelor / bachelorette party where visitors can socialize and enjoy beach relaxation, private spa and special treatment for the bride / groom-to-be. Private customers can book sun therapy on the beach or advantageously combine an hour on the beach with a massage. Because the heat from the sun makes the muscles relax, the body is warmed up and ready for a nice massage moment. Wellness Spa offers clip cards for sunlight therapy that can be used to advantage as wellness in the large wellness portals portals Benify, Actiway and Wellnet and is approved by the Swedish Tax Agency. The company has customers all the way from Bangladesh who come once a month to endure the Swedish climate.

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