Project Description

Koh Phangan in South Sweden

Customer Kalmar bath – Adventure Bath


Branch Spa and relax / Wellness / Bath

Assignment Tropical solar room for bathing visitors

About company

The swimming pool was built in 1970. From 1 January 2015, Kalmar bath belongs to Kalmar municipality and the Culture and Leisure Administration. Kalmar bath has 20 employees and about 5 hourly employees, and a turnover of about 21 million SEK . The Adventure Adventure Pool is visited by about 260,000 visitors / year.


Visitors to the swimming pool and Adventure Pool in Kalmar bath can enjoy a beneficial sauna bath in the relaxation area, relax in a whirlpool bath, treat themselves with a soothing massage in the massage chair and since 2019 also relax in the sun’s lovely heat in the Koh Phanang solar room. Sunlight has a positive effect on our health and visitors to the solar rroom with 28 degrees of pleasant heat, relaxing wave noise and sun-warm summer breeze are both relaxed and more alert by the sun therapy.


Bath host and communications manager Maria Hjelm says: – The sun lamp goes hot every day and visitors are so satisfied and happy. We have not experienced a single concern, it is so heavenly good and wonderful! Before the renovation, visitors to the relax area were limited to a small group of returning customers. Now we experience that it is younger as well as older, couples and single visitors in a constant flow. The number of visitors has increased over 100% and the realx department is well known in Kalmar. Visitors to the relax department appreciate the complete solution, where they can take a hot tub, take a bath in various saunas, cool off with a hearty cold shower or soak up the sun on Koh Phanang. Customers can start the solarium themselves and experience a simulated day with sunrise, sunset and sunset for 30 minutes in the Mauritius program. For those who wish, a cup of coffee / tea, cold citrus water and a cake are offered.

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