Elderly care

Sunwell solar environments are appreciated by people of all ages. A moment of relaxation and recovery is good for everyone, especially during our darker seasons. Sunwell has installed solar rooms in hundreds of nursing homes, both municipal and private. Sunlight has a positive impact on both mental and physical health of the elderly, while the staff get more energy for care and commitment.

Sunwell coastal-themed sunbeds often play an important role for people with dementia who can remember and recognize the environment from their youth. In some nursing homes, the relaxing effect has meant reduced consumption of sedatives as well as a better working environment.

Nursing homes that have invested in a Sunwell solar room have improved the working environment and this is clearly visible in the daily work. For example, nice autumn and winter days, the care recipients want to go outside and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, there is seldom enough time or resources to make this happen and the elderly remain inside in their wards. With a Sunwell solar room however, the elderly can enjoy the sun in the solar room without assistance!

Research report produced by R&D center Fyrbodal, Västra Götaland region:

Report – Sun therapy rooms in old people’s homes

Customers and municipalities we work with:

  • Care companies Frösunda Omsorg, Attendo, Ersta Diakoni, Silver Life, Norlandia Care, Förenade Care, Ansvar & Omsorg,  Stiftelsen Sällskapet
  • Real estate companies for community service HSB Omsorg
  • Municipal nursing homes