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Sun therapy with both light and heat proves to have a very positive impact on both mental and physical health of elderly and people with functional variations in care and nursing homes as well as in daily centers and at meeting places for seniors. At the same time, the staff get a better working environment and more energy for care. Light therapy in a decorated sunroom with an authentic environment reduces loneliness and fulfills an important social function.

The staff testify that sun therapy has both a calming and stimulating effect. Many seniors carry grief when they have lost loved ones. In a nice sun room they can relax, which makes it easier to talk, think and ventilate all worries, joys and other emotions. In some nursing homes, the relaxing effect of sun therapy has meant, among other things, reduced consumption of sedatives.

Sun therapy in Sunwell sun rooms often plays an important role also for people with dementia who can remember and recognize the environment from their youth. It may have been a very long time ago that many pensioners put their feet in the sand. Some have traveled earlier in life and some have not been able to do so at all. But everyone appreciates sun and warmth.

Sunwell environment can be built as a complete sun room with an authentic outdoor interior, or if lack of space, a simpler sun corner can be created. Then we deliver a panoramic background image in special textile fabric that reflects the light and enhances the effect of light therapy – perfect in open common areas such as lounges, gyms, activity rooms etc.

Read a research report produced by the R&D center Fyrbodal, Västra Götaland region, which documents the positive effects of sun rooms in nursing homes:

Report – Sun therapy rooms in old people’s homes

Nursing homes that have invested in a Sunwell sun room have improved the working environment and this is clearly visible in the daily work. For example, nice autumn and winter days, the care recipients want to go outside and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately, there is seldom enough time or resources to make this happen and the elderly remain inside in their wards. With a Sunwell sun room however, the elderly can enjoy the sun indoors without assistance!

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-“You become very relaxed and feel good, and if you feel good mentally, you also feel good physically. It’s connected. In the sunroom you feel good! It is this with the heat and the light that makes you undoubtedly fell WELL. ”

Anonymous pensioner in a nursing home, Nursing home i Vänersborg

– “So wonderful with a sunroom at work!”

Employee Helen, Nursing home

– “I tested the sunroom at work and pressed Miami. The lights came on, the sound of waves came and the heat rose to a lovely 30 degrees. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax for 10 minutes and get some recovery. The heat went into the body and it was high-level wellness “

Peter - nurse, Public health care

-” It feels like I’m somewhere in the South Seas with warmth, you can lie there and just relax. When I left the room, it almost felt like I fell from an airplane and I thought “oh my god, I’m home”, I was completely surprised!”

-” The elderly with dementia often do not talk much and become difficult to activate. In the sunroom, a pleasant community is created, where they sit in peace and quiet, look at the interior and at each other and smile.”

See some of our case stories

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