Sun simulator

The core of the Sunwell sun simulator is a solar system with a set of specialty designed lamps combining natural sunlight and comfortable heat, i.e. the full spectrum of sunlight. Sunwell’s solar system automatically creates the shifts of the day from early dawn to sunset. An integrated background sounds create an atmosphere reflecting the environment you are in, e.g. sounds of crickets, waves or birds chirping.

Through various program choices, sunlight can be easily adjusted to:

  • Sunrise
  • Full daylight with heat
  • Evening light with heat
  • Desired time
  • Desired maximum temperature

Sunwell sunlight is comparable to real sunlight outdoors with the advantage of reduced UV content. This means that everyone, regardless of skin type, can enjoy the sun without risk of skin damage. The UV content is below the limit set by Swedish regulations for artificial solar systems and does not require a permit from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority.

Sunwell solar simulator is not a solarium.

Sunwell solar system is well suited for both small and large areas. It is perfectly possible to install the sunlight in a small room or even in part of a room. There are two product series, Triple and Hexagon:


Our most common solar panel Triple provides sunlight of about 12 m2 and is intended for ceiling heights around 2.40-2,70 meters. Several solar panels can be connected and jointly controlled if you want a larger sunlit area.


Hexagon is an adaptable solar panel for high ceiling heights and larger sun surfaces. This unit can be combined to any size and shape, without limiting the function.

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