You decide the place and the scenography. We can build an inviting tropical beach or a glittering Nordic coastal landscape in the archipelago, with various walls, trees and other details that make the environment realistic.

An alternative to a complete sunroom is a sun corner. We deliver panoramic backdrop in special textile fabric that reflects the light and enhances the effect of light therapy. Either you can choose our finished motifs, or we will design a solution according to your wishes.

If you have your own stylish interior, Sunwell solar is discreet when not in use and can easily blend into the environment.

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Sunwell solar system, together with a fan that feels like a nice breeze, provides a completely unique experience where your senses and the climate work together.

  • We use a well-thought-out and detailed setting to provide a wonderful and restful sun experience.
  • A sound system builds a soundscape containing rolling waves, crickets, birds chirping, palm leaves rustling in the wind and more.
  • You experience the sun’s lovely rays and the heat spreading in your body. Dig your feet in the soft warm sand and feel the grains of sand flowing between your toes.
  • Your default program automatically regulates the atmosphere where light, heat and cooling winds provide an enjoyable and relaxing experience.

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