“- Imagine a nice autumn day and all the elderly wanting to go outdoors. The staff does not have time to dress all the patients and then many are left locked up in their wards. With the solar room, everything is much easier! With fewer staff, the elderly can still get out in the sun, as more can go to the solar room themselves and enjoy!”

Staff on nursing home

“- We work intensively as entrepreneurs and a break is always appreciated! The first day consisted of meetings in all its forms and the evening was free time in the SPA department. The solar room was a given favourite! A glass of wine and sun!!!”

Visitor of Spa hotell

“- A haven for me is the spa department at the bath in Skövde where I live. There is a simulated tropical beach. I can decide to go to Bali, Mauritius or the Caribbean. Then the wind, namely the fans, start to blow gently and the sun, namely the lights, begin to shine. Wonderful!”

Visitor of bath facility

“- You become very relaxed and feel well, and if you feel well mentally, you feel well physically as well. It is connected. In the solar room you feel well! The heat and the light will undoubtedly make you feel GOOD.”

Pensioner on nursing home

”-It is reminiscent of sun, swimming, and summer. It is warm and nice. It is really relaxing!”

Visitor to health centre

“- When you leave, you are happy and alert. That’s an incredible difference!”

Visitor to yoga studio

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