Positive effects of solar therapy

Sunlight is an essential part in being able to keep a circadian rhythm. Moreover, the warmth of the sun on our bare skin helps keeping us healthy. Sunwell solar simulator creates indoor sunlight comparable to the real sunlight, except for a reduced UV content. The level of UV radiation is below the limits set to Swedish regulations for solariums. Sun therapy in one of the Sunwell solar rooms offers more than light, warmth, and a pleasant environment – it has several positive health effects.

D-vitamin and immune system

We assimilate vitamin D either through food or sunlight. Without vitamin D, the immune system cannot be activated.

The most important source of vitamin D during the summer is solar radiation, according to the Swedish National Food Administration (SNFA). According to the SNFA being outdoors bare-armed during June and July for up to a quarter of an hour, 2-3 days a week corresponds to an RDI (Recommended Daily Intake) of vitamin D from food during the same period.

Sunwell solar simulators are equipped with special UV filters that reduce UV radiation to a controlled and low level. One hour with Sunwell solar simulator corresponds to being outside for approx. 20 minutes mid-day in sunny weather during June and July. Regular use of the Sunwell sun simulator can stimulate the production of vitamin D in the skin – even during the dark seasons when vitamin D deficiency is most pronounced.

In addition, there are several other positive health effects:

  • Increased production of the pigment melanin, which is the body’s protection against UV
  • Osteoporosis in adults and rank in children are counteracted
  • Skin diseases such as psoriasis can be relieved with regular sunlight treatment

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

The main reason for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a lack of sunlight and an overproduction of the body’s own “sleeping pill” – the hormone melatonin. Melatonin production is low during the day and it increases during the darker hours. This helps us get tired and fall asleep. Day light on the other hand increases the production of serotonin, another hormone that works the other way around. A lack of day light thus causes a disturbance of the circadian rhythm which affects both body and mind.

The main difference between seasonal depression and depression is that the symptoms of seasonal depression appear at the same time of the year, usually from October to April. These symptoms are insomnia/fatigue, lower self-esteem, decreased sex drive, depression, anxiety, and increased cravings for sweets.

Light in the form of sunlight therapy can help people suffering from SAD and the milder form of winter fatigue. The visible light from the Sunwell solar simulator is between 10,000 – 30,000 lux. Sunwell’s solar simulator lamps differs from traditional light therapy lamps by including the sun’s full light spectrum: low UV radiation as well as comfortable heat from infrared light (IR).

Relaxation and pain relief

The largest part of the sun’s energy comes from the infrared light spectrum, which is invisible to the eye. The infrared light warms the body in a very relaxing and comfortable way. There are many positive health effects of infrared light:

  • Stimulates the body’s own healing process by increasing blood circulation and cleansing the body of slag and toxins.
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Accelerates wound healing and relieves various skin problems such as dry skin, uneven skin tone, acne, eczema, psoriasis etc.
  • Has a soothing effect on muscle pain.
  • Increases stretch ability and relieves certain types of rheumatic pain.

Sunwell solar simulator with the entire sun’s light spectrum can be used simultaneously for both light therapy and heat treatment. The heat makes the body soft and is suitable as a complement to, for example, massage or yoga.

Reduced stress and enjoyable experience

In Sunwell’s inspiring environment in sunlight and warmth, to the sound of the ocean waves and with a light breeze on your skin, you can turn off everyday thoughts and demands. You are given the opportunity to relax and for a while move to your own personal paradise. This environment is enjoyable, the experience counteracts stress and burnout syndromes and provides new energy and vitality.

In connection with lunch, customer visits, business meetings, etc., you can offer your customers and/or employees a wonderful and holiday-like moment in the Sunwell solar room, which will live on in their minds and create added value and profitability to your business.

The possibilities with the Sunwell solar environment are endless:

  • Beach party in November
  • Kick-off for the company in December
  • Family celebration in January
  • Exotic honeymoon in February

… or just a different experience at any time.

Companies offering benefits to their employees become more attractive employers. Solar rooms as a wellness benefit for your staff will increase productivity and commitment and can contribute to reduced sick leave.

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