Sun simulator

The heart of Sunwell’s solar system is a sun simulator that, with the sun’s full light spectrum, provides natural sunlight and comfortable heat. The visitor can experience a shortened day, from early dawn to sunset, and can regulate the desired brightness, temperature, and time in different programs.

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Sunwell sunroom is built to create a complete and exclusive experience. It can be a tropical beach or luxury spa interior.

The combination of invigorating sunlight, pleasant warmth, blowing sea breeze, pleasant scents, soothing background sounds and maybe even soft sand between the toes make visitors relax and take a break from everyday life.

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Sunwell offers a wide range of accessories and props for your sunroom, for example background walls with different themes, bar tables, scenery, palm trees, benches, flowers, sand, fans, mood lighting and more.

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Inspiration gallery

Look at pictures before and after and get inspiration from various sun rooms and environments.

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