Sunlight therapy for wellness at work

Sunlight therapy is a growing phenomenon in wellness at work, and shows clear positive effects for both physical and mental health. About Sunwell’s solution for wellness on the workplace, an article was published on a Swedish site IT-KARRIÄR.SE

With the Sunwell solar simulator in the workplace, staff well-being increases and sick leave decreases.

Sunwell wants to promote solar therapy in workplaces as a 3E concept: Energy, Engagement and Efficiency.

Imagine a 15-30 minute pleasant relaxation with warming sunbeams after lunch or during afternoon coffee, when it is dark and cold outside. Or why not treat yourself for an hour with sunlight therapy after work when you are completely exhausted and may not have seen daylight all day. With a simple push of a button on the touch screen, you can choose the final destination and experience a simulated sun day with sunrise, daylight and evening sun.

The solar system from Sunwell can easily be installed in a coffee-, dining-, rest room or become part of the company’s gym.

There is a study that shows a 25% reduction in sick leave in 2 years thanks to sun therapy in the workplace.

Even private entrepreneurs have invested in their own tropical solarium as wellness for both their employees and themselves and can „travel to Miami“ whenever they want. The room can also be rented by other companies or groups.

Employees with a foreign background from warmer countries find it difficult to cope with the Nordic climate during the winter months. This can be confirmed by Annelie Axelsson, owner of Wellness Spa in Västerås, who has invested in the Sunwell solar system and successfully offered sun therapy for 5 years. They regularly receive visitors from Bangladesh who come once a month to endure the Swedish winter climate.