Tropical paradise for the elderly in Uppsala

In collaboration with the Elderly Administration Uppsala Municipality and Sunwell, Balder’s care and nursing home in Uppsala has now also got its own tropical holiday paradise with a sandy beach, palm trees, bamboo and detailed furnishings. This project was an important step towards increased quality of life for residents.

A room of 25 m2 was emptied and the renovation began. The walls and ceiling were painted in a sky blue color to harmonize with the rest of the interior and the blue solar unit Triple. Within a few days, a large beach-like backdrop wall with round corner was built, the remaining walls were tastefully decorated with bamboo, wood anf white house facade. A new floor was laid and an 18m2 sandy beach with a wheelchair ramp was arranged next to the backdrop wall. A pergola and bar were also included in the planning.

The result: The visitor steps into a tropical paradise with a soft sandy beach in front of a sparkling sea, lined with exotic palm trees. Directly in the entrance, a cozy feeling comes under a pergola lit and decorated with wild grapes. Flowers and palm trees together with the background image of a white sandy beach give a real feeling of being on a tropical island. The bar corner can be ready with fruity drinks and refreshments, and visitors then sit comfortably in sun chairs and let their feet sink in the soft sand.

See how the solar room was build here>

„In these circumstances of restrictions and social distancing, we want to reduce the feeling of exclusion, increase the sense of social context and reduce the anxiety and worry that may arise during the pandemic, but also in times after the pandemic. Together with residents, we have already traveled to both Miami and Mauritius! “ – says Mona Fröjberg, Operations Manager at Balder’s care and nursing home.

Mona continues: “We have chosen a tropical environment to let the elderly and our everyday-heroes-employees experience an exotic holiday, to give the opportunity for a“ vacation”, an experience that can be shared with employees and after the pandemic also with their loved ones. This will be an excellent social activity where the elderly can „travel“ in an orderly manner. With the pandemic comes negative effects, but we hope that through our Christmas present to Balder, our new solar room and its warmth, we can contribute to better health for everyone at Balder, elderly, employees and relatives. ”