Staff care in solar rooms during Corona home work

Companies that offer a good working environment, attractive employee benefits and wellness to their employees become more attractive employers. Solar rooms as wellness increase productivity and commitment and can contribute to reduced sick leave.

During the Corona pandemic, our company also urges all employees who can work from home, to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.
To strengthen the immune system and fuel energy, our colleagues have the opportunity to indulge in sunlight therapy in Sunwell’s own solar room.

There are many positive health effects that staff can experience such as:
– Can activate vitamin D3 and boost the immune system.
Counteracts depression and seasonal depression
– Stimulates well-being
– Reduces muscle pain and joint problems.
– Increases metabolism and stretchability in joints.
– Improves the formation process of wound healing.

There is also a study that shows a 25% reduction in sick leave in the workplace thanks to our sunlight therapy.