1  Is it actual sunlight?

Yes! Sunwell sunlight is comparable to actual sunlight, with the advantage that the amount of UV light is reduced to low levels.

2  Does one get a tan?

Yes, a little! But it takes much longer than in natural sunlight and solarium.

3  Is the light dangerous?

No! Sunwell’s UV level is reduced to a safe level and is below the current Swedish limit value of 30 J/m2 weighted radiation, 270 – 400 nanometres.

4  Is it the same light as in a solarium?

No! Solarium has a high dose, mainly UVA, with the intention of getting tanned quickly. Sunwell sunlight contains the sun’s entire light spectrum, with a low level of UV radiation.

5  Can you simulate a whole day?

Yes! Sunwell solar simulator can regulate the light from night, sunrise, full daylight, afternoon light and down to infrared evening light in the sunset.

6  Does the light have medical effects?

  • Yes! The heat has a relaxing effect on the body and provides relief for joint problems and muscle pain.
  • The light counteracts depression and seasonal depression, SAD.
  • The UV rays can stimulate the production of vitamin D and thus increase the immune system.

7  Is it safe and tested?

Yes! The sunlight has been developed in consultation with European laboratories, Lund University, Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) and SP Swedish Technical Research Institute.

8  How is one affected by a stay in a Sunwell solar room?

First one becomes relaxed, and then more alert and happier.

9  Has any scientific study been done?

Yes, i.e. “Artificial Environment’s Influence on the Mood” with an evaluation of Hedonic Tone, Relaxation and Activity. With clearly positive results in all trials.

10  Is it like being outdoors?

Yes, that is Sunwell’s intention. The difference is however that harmful levels of UV light have been removed. One hour in the Sunwell environment corresponds to approx. 20 minutes outdoors on a sunny day in summer.

11 Do you need sunscreen?

No! Not in the intention of UV protection, but it can be used if one normally has problems with dry skin in heat.

12  Does it work as light therapy?

Yes, it works very brilliantly! The light contains the entire visible light spectrum from 400 to 780 nm and counteracts Seasonal Depression Disorder, SAD. Sunwell sunlight is 8-10 times more intense than you normally have in a light therapy room and is therefore more efficient.

13  Do you have to wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses can be used but are not a requirement.

14  Is it not at all dangerous?

Since the light from the artificial sun is strong, you should not look directly at the sun, in the same way that you do not look directly at our natural sun.

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