Bath and exercise

What suits better than a beautiful warm sun in a sparkling bathing environment? So if you already have one – why not get the other?

Sunwell lifts bathing facilities as something out of the ordinary and attracts more customers and visitors.

Sun and bath are a perfect combination in bath facilities, water parks and campsites. Sunwell solar system will be a wonderful complement to relaxation and spa areas or next to pools, where you can relax in the warming sunshine.

More and more bathing facilities include solar room and sun therapy in their range to attract new customers and differ from the competitors.

There are many possibilities: We have, for example, installed a sunroom in the children’s section of the water park in the Russian national arena Luzhniki in Moscow, where children can play sunbathing in the warm sand, while parents treat themselves to a spa treatment.

Sunwell sun room is also an excellent complement to sports centers, yoga studios and gyms that want to stand out from the crowd and offer their visitors a complete range of various forms of exercise.

The increasingly popular form of exercise yoga in the sun / beach yoga in a sun room is extra effective during the winter, when the warmth enables, among other things. a deeper stretch and cleansing of toxins.

Sun therapy also works as a pleasant relaxation after a hard workout.

Our references that are open to the public:

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“- Here the sunlight goes hot every day and the visitors are so satisfied and happy.”

M. Hjelm, Äventyrsbadet

“- We work intensively as self-employed and a break is always appreciated! The first day consisted of meetings in all its forms and the evening was self-time in the SPA department. The sunroom was a given favorite! A glass of wine and sun !!!”

Visitor in SPA after kick-off, Nösund Havshotell

“- A lovely place for me is the spa area at the bathhouse in Skövde where I live. There is a simulated tropical beach. I decide, if I want to go to Bali, Mauritius or the Caribbean. Then the wind (fan) starts blowing and the sun (lamps) begin to shine. Wonderful!”

Visitor in relax Aqua Vitalis, Arena Skövde

-” Happiness makes me cry”

Besökare på Yoga studion, Yoga Folks

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