Get that sunny feeling!

Enhance your vitality and health
with replicated natural sunlight
from Sunwell solar simulator.
READ MORE ABOUT US "If you do not have the sun, you can make one." - Victor Hugo
Well-being and
positive health effects
READ MORE "Where the sun comes in, the doctor stays out."
- Proverb from Sardinia

Experience and
vacation feeling

READ MORE "The sun vere goes down in my country"
- Karl von Clausewitz

Sun therapy and sun simulator

Sun therapy with Sunwell sunlight simulator is the perfect solution when the lack of sun during autumn and winter affects both mood and health. Sunwell sun rooms become a holiday oasis nearby, where you can dream away, socialize and get new energy.

Unlike light therapy with cold white light, Sunwell is a complete solar system that replicates warm sunlight with the sun’s entire light spectrum. The light is comparable to natural sunlight outdoors, with the advantage that the amount of UV is filtered to a safe and healthy level.

Sun therapy is an exclusive experience for both body and soul, which has many positive health effects. Read more>

“Get that sunny feeling” with Sunwell artificial sun all year round, anytime, whatever the weather is!   

Business areas

We have extensive experience of installing solar simulators and various interiors. Sun therapy can be used at many places:  nursing homes, health centres, bathing facilities, spas and relaxation facilities, corporate wellness facilities, massage studios, hotels, yoga studios, cruise ships, nature rooms, conservatories, cafés etc – it is only your imagination that sets the limits.

Our customer projects

A selection of customer projects in different areas.

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What our customers say

– It is remins of sun, swimming and summer. It’s warm and nice. It was really relaxing!

Staffan Nilsson, Axtorp Sunhouse

– So warm and wonderful, and it helped my rheumatic joints! Will definitely be back.

L. Krieg, Kusten Hammarö

– Here the sunlight goes hot every day and the visitors are so satisfied and happy.

M. Hjelm, Äventyrsbadet

We work intensively as self-employed and a break is always appreciated! The first day consisted of meetings in all its forms and the evening was free time in the SPA department. The sunroom was a given favorite! A glass of wine and sun !!!

Visitor in SPA after a kick-off, Nösund Havshotell

You become very relaxed and feel good, and if you feel good mentally, you feel good also physically. It’s connected. In the sunroom you feel good! It is this with the heat and the light that undoubtedly makes you GOOD. 

Anonymous pensioner in a nursing home, Nursing home in Vänersborg

– “So wonderful with a solar room at work!”

Employee Helen, Nursing home

-“Tested in the sunroom at work and pressed Miami. The lights and sound of waves came and the heat rose to a glorious 30 degrees. Sometimes it’s nice to just unwind for 10 minutes and get some recovery. The heat went into the body and it was wellness at a high level”

Peter - Staff nurse, Municipal health care

It feels like I’m somewhere in the South Pacific with the warmth, I could lie there and just relax. When I left the sun room, it almost felt like I fell from an airplane and I thought “oh my god, I’m home”, I was completely surprised!

The elderly with dementia often do not talk much and they are difficult to activate. In the sunroom, a pleasant atmosphere is created, where they sit in peace and quiet, look at the interior and at each other and smile.

Lena Holmberg, Manager, Tallbacka nuring home, Östersund

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