Växjö also gets extra sunny weather at Attendo

Attendo is at the forefront and has the most number of sun rooms in its homes. Attendo Åbovägen in Växjö follows the trend and invests in a tropical sunny corner with a sandy beach for its elderly.

Cecilia Reitersjö, Manager at the Åbovägen nursing home, called Sunwell, after seeing a sunroom at the Attendo nursing home in Ronneby. In this facility, it was not possible to furnish a complete sun room. A choice was made to create a sun corner in an activity room that would also be equipped with a massage chair.

With the help of a panoramic background image with light-reflecting fabric and a solar system of model Triple, a tropical paradise was created with sparkling sea, palm trees and sandy beach where the elderly can meet, relax, drill their feet in the sun-warmed sand and go on an exotic vacation for a while.


The customer is very satisfied and plans the official inauguration of the sunroom on December 22nd, just in time for Christmas.

Many residents are discovering that sunbathing not only increases the well-being of the elderly, but also creates a better environment for staff. There are also studies that show reduced sick leave among employees thanks to the health-promoting sunlight from Sunwell.