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Sun beach “Upstairs”

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Branch Wellness at work 

Assignment Tropical sunroom for owners and employees

About company

Self-employed Paula Hallsten and her family run several companies in transport, contracting, forestry and gardening. She also has a great interest in yoga and Eastern teaching, and feels that the sun is good for her and her health and well-being.


Paula is a driven multi-tasker, with many “bolls in the air”. Through a previous collaboration where they helped former Suntech with the construction of solar rooms throughout the country, she came into contact with this concept. She decided to decorate her own solar room for her staff, when a new building was established for the family businesses. Since 2015, colleagues have been able to enjoy sun and heat from a Hexagon 7 solar simulator on a luxurious sandy beach in the middle of the Tengrenstorp industrial area in Vänersborg. The sunroom is part of Paula’s company “Uppstairs”. It is possible to sunbathe up to 12 people at the same time.


From the beginning, the sunroom was intended primarily for staff wellness and personal well-being. Paula offers, when available, the opportunity to rent the solar room with associated dining room, for those who wish to replenish with some new energy. Perfect for small private events, smaller corporate events or why not a chance to just relax and breathe! A fantastic opportunity to strengthen the immune system for better well-being!

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